Website Relief

Today, virtually every prospect and most of your existing clients will visit your website instead of your physical office. So it’s imperative that your website offers relevant information, engages visitors and delights existing customers.

Website Relief lets you create a website which does all this, and serves as a foundation for your virtual office where you can collaborate with your clients.

With Website Relief you can create a custom website in under an hour and customize it in a couple of hours.

What does Website Relief do for your practice?

Website Relief combines an impressive, affordable, customized website with indispensable tools for your practice and your clients. The result:

You get a website that engages prospects, improving the marketing of your firm and your services to bring in new clients. It creates greater visibility and improves your firm’s image. And last but not least, it helps you interact and collaborate with your clients to enhance your services, increasing client satisfaction and retention.

What does Website Relief include?

Website Relief delivers more than just a website. It includes a complete suite of applications to manage and grow your practice:

  • A professional website you can easily customize anytime
  • Personalized email for your entire firm
  • Free domain name
  • Unlimited hosting and support
  • Optimized for mobile devices
  • Numerous calculators including financial, paycheck and tax calculators
  • Search engine optimization and social media integration
  • Dashboard to show you Google analytics regarding website traffic

Contents for webpages to get you started

Knowing that most firms don’t have time to create content, we provide dozens of pages of professionally written content for the most commonly used pages, including Home Page, About Us, Services Offered, and Resources. You can select appropriate content for your firm based on the size of your firm, areas of specialization, and location.

Most users find this is a good starting point. They can then customize the contents to reflect their firm’s personality.

Extremely easy to create and personalize

Based on your company profile, Website Relief creates a number of web pages using the content you selected. Then, using a simple editor, you can modify the contents for different pages to easily customize your website. Select from hundreds of supplied images or upload your own images and Firm logo.

Website Relief includes numerous preconfigured pages. You can add as many additional web pages as you need. You can insert tables, links to files, and add images or videos on any page.

We supply dozens of newsletters and are constantly adding new newsletters. You can easily create your own blog to enhance communication with your clients, promote your services, and highlight and distribute information.

Enhanced Look and Feel

Choose from numerous professionally-designed themes to create an impressive, aesthetically-pleasing website for your firm.

Design your own "sliders" to display a moving banner of images across any page, and use an expansive gallery of professional-quality images or upload your own personalized library of images and media to provide visual interest and make your website stand out.

Customizable Forms

Website Relief provides numerous forms for prospects and clients to interact with your firm. You can create any number of customizable forms. The standard forms include:

  • Request quotes for services from your firm
  • Join e-mail/newsletter list
  • Provide feedback on Client Surveys
  • Submit testimonials
  • Request consultations or make appointments

Testimonials and product reviews


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