Emerging Stronger Than Ever

A strategic guide for accountants in 2020

We have all experienced an unprecedented crisis. But what if you could help your firm actually emerge stronger in the long run? The truth is, not only can you bounce back, but you can thrive for years to come - if you take this as a wake-up call to reinvent your practice.

Eight tips to make more money from payroll

More and more accountants are profiting from payroll services every year. What's their secret?

At AccountantsWorld, our professional payroll solution, Payroll Relief, has given thousands of accountants the processing power and automation they need to make payroll both profitable and painless. Based upon our experience and listening to those success stories, we've identified eight strategies you can employ to create a more successful payroll service for your practice.

Build a Premier Client Accounting Services Practice in 90 Days

If you are serious about your accounting practice, then you can’t ignore Client Accounting Services (CAS). CAS is the most important opportunity presented to accountants in decades - made possible by the cloud.

This Guide dispels common myths about CAS. It demonstrates how even small accounting firms with limited resources can offer CAS easily and grow their profits 20%-50% by focusing on 5 critical aspects. These areas include: choosing the right clients, having the right communication, using the right solutions, developing the right processes and implementing the right price.

"How I grew my accounting revenue 75% - without adding clients"

Steven Brewer is not your typical CPA. He started in a small firm and has done a little bit of everything, from tax work to auditing and beyond. When he started his own firm, he was able to gain a new freedom and responsibility for his new and existing clients. With that responsibility, he took the initiative to make changes to adapt to the shifts he saw in the accounting industry.

Now his main emphasis is Client Accounting Services (CAS) and bookkeeping. How did he make the switch to those services? He did it with the help of AccountantsWorld and Accounting Power. In his case study, Steven Brewer will relay how Accounting Power has helped him set his practice apart with comprehensive functionality and greater control over tax season. His results? A 75% increase in revenue over five years. Learn how he made it happen in this exclusive case study.

Cure Your Clients' Pain - And Yours Too

For many small business owners, managing accounting functions is simply a distraction from what they love to do - growing their business. Accounting is mostly seen as a regulatory burden, and few small businesses use accounting tools proactively to manage their business finances. In this ebook, you'll learn how "Do-It-Yourself" accounting software has produced more pain for both you and your clients, and discover how offering Client Accounting Services (CAS) can help you eliminate these hassles.

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Our ideal partners: accountants who have a genuine drive to thrive

Our most successful partners knew that they needed to break the status quo to do what was best for them and their clients. They knew only professional solutions
created exclusively for accountants could give them the power and stronger control over their practice that they need to make it happen.

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