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Make Payroll Profitable with Payroll Relief

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If you process payrolls, we'll show you how Payroll Relief will make your firm more money. Payroll Relief will automate more of your processes, saving you time and eliminating manual mistakes.

Payroll Relief automatically files your compliance forms and processes your tax payments, allows you to batch file all your W2's with two mouse clicks, lets you manage all your clients from one screen, and gets you paid via ACH transfers after running your clients payroll. This presentation shows the software and how it works. It's not a Power Point presentation. Learn how a true cloud based payroll solution will increase your profits and strengthen your client relationships.

Stop the Insanity: How I Regained Control of My Accounting Firm

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Are these challenges hurting your accounting firm?
  • Too many tax returns put on extension
  • Too many hours wasted on menial tasks
  • Clients creating errors when they try to do accounting or bookkeeping work
  • Taking on clients who don’t match your firm's goals and expertise
  • Too much time wasted on integrating data across systems
Learn how fellow accountant Jim Sosinski CPA solved those concerns.

Jim faced those same challenges, and felt like he was losing control of his firm. But he discovered and implemented a better way – advanced processes and tools that helped him take back control of his firm – and boost his bottom line and client satisfaction as well.

In this video, Jim will share how he solved these challenges and made his practice more profitable.

Three Ways to Grow Your Bottom Line - Without Adding Clients or Staff

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In the past, technology has primarily helped accountants manage their practices and perform their client engagements faster and easier. Now, for the first time, the latest technology is actually creating new profit-generating opportunities for accountants.

This presentation will show you how the cloud offers three different ways to boost your bottom line. Specifically, we’ll show you how to:
  • Streamline your operations and increase efficiencies using client portals and other related cloud-based tools
  • Make the services you currently offer, such as write-up, much more profitable
  • Easily and profitably offer services that were too difficult to offer profitably in the past

By incorporating the techniques in this presentation, you will be able to boost your bottom line - without adding any clients or staff.

Looking for a Better Alternative to Your Current Accounting Software?

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There could be a host of reasons why you’re looking for a better alternative to your current accounting software. Many of your peers felt the same way, and are now reaping the benefits of a different approach: Accounting Power from AccountantsWorld.

This presentation will show:

  • How much more AccountantsWorld solutions can do for your practice compared to your current solution
  • How Accounting Power helps you perform your accounting engagements faster - guaranteed
  • How you can now offer highly profitable complete accounting services

Accounting Power is guaranteed to make your accounting practice more profitable, and help you better serve your clients.
After using Accounting Power, if you don’t believe it lived up to your expectations, you can get a full refund any time for up to one full year.

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