We are Accountant-Centric

All of our solutions and services revolve around one central theme: How can we help you do what’s best for you and your clients?

This single-minded focus has led to the development of a fully-integrated suite of professional cloud solutions to enhance every aspect of your practice. The suite includes best-of-breed solutions for:

  • Write-up and trial balance
  • Client Accounting Services
  • Live payroll
  • After-the-fact payroll
  • Document management and client portals
  • Practice management
  • Website for your firm

Accounting Power

Revamp your accounting practice in ways never before possible

While other solutions providers bypass accountants and sell their accounting systems directly to accountants’ clients, we created Accounting Power to give you stronger control over client accounting and put you back in the driver’s seat. With Accounting Power you can:

  • Perform write up and trial balance work faster and easier
  • Easily prepare fully customizable financials
  • Offer highly profitable Client Accounting Services … faster and easier than ever
  • Become an outsourced CFO

Now you can better serve each client’s needs, add value to your clients’ businesses and raise your relevance.

Payroll Relief

Offer highly profitable payroll services

We used the power of the cloud to make it possible for accountants to offer personalized, professional and highly profitable payroll services with virtually no compliance headaches. Payroll Relief performs payroll processing tasks automatically, on time and with 100% guaranteed accuracy.

Over 65% of Payroll Relief customers have seen at least a 25% improvement in their practice after upgrading to Payroll Relief.

Our ideal partners: accountants who have a genuine drive to thrive

Our most successful partners knew that they needed to break the status quo to do what was best for them and their clients. They knew only professional solutions created exclusively for accountants could give them the power and stronger control over their practice that they need to make it happen.

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