Cloud Cabinet

Document Management and Client Portals

Accounting firms take raw materials (source documents) and produce finished products (tax returns, financials, payroll reports, etc.). Therefore, how you manage your source and finished documents has a huge impact on your firm’s productivity.

That’s why we created Cloud Cabinet - the first true cloud-based document management system and client portal for accountants – for efficient handling and storage of both source and finished documents. Cloud Cabinet also is instrumental in streamlining many accounting and payroll processes and tasks.

Unlimited client portals at no charge

There is no additional charge for creating client portals, so all your clients can log into Cloud Cabinet to download and upload documents and files. Client portals also let clients access Accounting Power and Payroll Relief related documents as described below. You can create an unlimited number of client portals.

What does Cloud Cabinet do for your practice?

The simplicity and functionality of Cloud Cabinet, together with the way we’ve tightly integrated it with our other solutions, offers you:

  • Secured sharing of documents with clients
  • Dramatically streamlined and efficient operation that boosts productivity
  • Effortless disaster recovery

The impact of seamless integration with other products

We've integrated Cloud Cabinet with our other solutions, including Accounting Power, Payroll Relief, and After-the-Fact Payroll. If you use these solutions, you’ll appreciate these highly useful benefits.

As soon as payrolls are processed, all payroll reports and paychecks are saved in Cloud Cabinet for sharing with clients. Now clients can print paychecks in their offices, eliminating the need for you to print paychecks in your office.

When books are closed, designated reports and financials are saved in Cloud Cabinet to give clients and your firm 24x7 access to these documents.

Cloud Cabinet greatly streamlines bill payments – from the scanning of bills to be paid to the disbursement of Digital Checks.

And much more…

Highly Secure

  • Fully secured, using state-of-the-art technology for secure transfers and storage.
  • Hosted at Amazon Web Services - one of the most secure web-hosting infrastructures in the world. See Security and Privacy for full details.
  • Every folder and sub-folder you create in Cloud Cabinet can have its own access rights, so only authorized personnel can view the documents.
  • Password protection for clients and staff to access only the documents they are permitted to access.

Flexible Folder Structure

Use our default folder structure for storing client documents, or modify the structure however you wish, including default access rights for clients. Easily apply your default folder structure, to all of your clients for consistency, or modify each client’s folder structure as needed.

Use the Shared Folder to save files you want available to all your clients and staff, such as client organizers, tax forms, and general announcements, to your entire client base.

Advanced search functions and activity log

Cloud Cabinet provides both basic and advanced Search capabilities for you to find any uploaded file. Basic Search finds files by all or part of any file name. Advanced search provides multiple criteria, letting you use any combination of parameters to locate the document(s) you need.

The Client Activity log displays all important information about files that are uploaded, archived, emailed, deleted, and renamed in Cloud Cabinet. A variety of filters help you easily find the items you are looking for.


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